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Happy New Week: Weekly Wisdom Report

Noumenex is a more perfect union of the people, by the people, and for the people established on principles of science, goodwill, and justice for all. This empire, dedicated to serving its citizen-kings, will never cease to appreciate the power of an educated community and will always support a people dedicated to community service and democracy. Noumenex welcomes everyone equally and exists as a support structure for the cultivation of free expression and ample sympathetic interaction.

As it is an anchor for the community, Noumenex harnesses ideas and incubates innovative thinking while aiming to maximize human potential and creativity. The government of the Noumenex Empire is compatible with any domain whether it be on the continents of earth or a virtual reality and displays usability in its ability to quickly adapt to the needs of the people it serves.

Envisioned as a community network, Noumenex incorporates an online social-network interface and uses state of the art technology to connect everybody and improve sustainability.

Current governments and political systems could be more efficient and member focused than they are now. Government could function as a tool for the people it governs rather than a separate entity.

An entity will always be self-interested, so, it is natural for it to come into conflict with other entities. But, if government was one with the people it governed, its best interest would be to serve its people and adapt as its citizens adapt.

Government could have a daily presence in the form of a phone app or any number of things.

Government could allow for invention and art to flourish and could nurture the genius of its citizen-kings because brotherly kindness would generate its power.

Government could be loved by all because government could actually be just community.

Government could remedy the corruption and flaws of humanity as it could become a collection house of every good quality of society.

And government could uphold all that is honorable and stand as a testament to the glory of our daily renewal of enlightenment.

Noumenex can be that government.



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The movement led by Wycliffe was known as the “Lollards,” a pejorative term derived from the Latin lolium, which meant “a wild weed or vetch (often translated as ‘tares’) which can choke out wheat, as in the parable from Matthew 13:24-30.” (The Loll…
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